Siouxland Surgery Center
Sioux City, Iowa

Siouxland Surgery Center Siouxland Surgery Center

M&N was brought into the project early on to assist in the development of structural drawings and allow for collaboration between the engineer and fabricator. The engineering model was imported into our detailing software to allow for increased efficiency in the drawing and design processes

Open lines of communication between M&N and the project engineer allowed for a seamless flow of information, and changes, and made the design and fabrication processes more efficient.

The project started in January of 2007 and the final design drawings were completed on April 4th. Architectural and engineering processes were conducted using the same sequencing and phasing as the fabrication and construction processes. Due to our close collaboration with the design team, we were able to make the first delivery to the site on April 2nd, two days before the complete design drawings were published. We made our final delivery of steel on June 18th.

The quick start—both bringing M&N on as the fabricator early, and our early delivery of product to the project site—allowed for a fast-tracked project, shortening the schedule by 12 weeks.

Siouxland Surgery Center
Sioux City, Iowa

Dakota Dunes, SD

  1. Client:
    WA Klinger, LLC
  2. Architect:
    Cannon Moss Brygger and Associates
  3. Engineer:
    KJWW Consulting Engineers
  4. Size:
    54,000 square feet, 240 tons of fabricated material
  5. Project Type:
    Hospital Expansion