R&L Woodcraft
Lonsdale, Minnesota

R&L Woodcraft R&L Woodcraft R&L Woodcraft

The R&L Woodcraft design-build project was brought to us through a long-standing relationship with Fabcon. We worked directly with the building’s owner to design and fabricate a structure suited precisely to his needs. Working with the owner led to a design that fit the needs of his company, and the processes the building needed to house.

Our thorough understanding of the facility’s end use greatly impacted the efficiency of our fabrication process. In addition, our design-build expertise allowed for our shop drawings and fabrication process to flow seamlessly, from concept to delivery.

Our experience working with the building’s end user allowed for a design that perfectly suited the finished facility’s function. By placing function first, we were able to develop a product that would be efficient for us to design and fabricate, and provide an efficient facility for the owner.

R&L Woodcraft
Lonsdale, Minnesota

Lonsdale, MN

  1. Client:
    R&L Woodcraft
  2. Architect:
    Designery, Architecture
  3. Engineer:
    M&N Structures
  4. Size:
    51,000 square feet, 20 tons of fabricated material
  5. Project Type:
    Industrial, Woodworking